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I wanted an easy way to copy the path of the image I'm curreently looking at in Irfanview to the clipboard so I can paste it in a form on an image board easily. Irfanview isn't open source, and I didn't feel like writing a plug-in, so I wrote my own tool.


Open an image. Now you can scroll through all the images in the same directory using the arrow keys (left/right), space bar/backspace, or page up/down.

Sorting options are available on the fly, and you won't lose your place if you resort.

Press 'c' to copy the current path of the image you're looking at to the clipboard

Zooming options: Zoom in/out, zoom to full screen, automagically scales pictures bigger than your desktop resolution

Java... ewww

Yeah, I know. Believe me, I know. But I know Java and it was the fastest way to getting this project off the ground.

Besides, GUI in C++ is a pain, and GTK looks like ass on Windows.

License Stuff

Code is under the GPL although I haven't included the license with the jar yet. Source is in the jar, feel free to mess with it/improve it/whatever.

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